Guest DJs

SwingIN is proud to bring you experienced DJs providing some amazing tunes!

John Holmström

The man. The myth. The legend.
John is widely known throughout the midwest as a champion of the dance community, regularly placing in many competitions. His sweet stylings on the dance floor are just as cool as the tunes he spins as a DJ. Through competing he has gathered a wide array of music perfect for helping the dancers connect to the best musical moments. John has an ability to pinpoint the exact song to perfectly showcase the talents of dancers in every competition. Holmström will be our DJ for competitions not set to live music. One can only hope he brings that ‘stache with him!
** Fun Fact: John has recently engaged our amazing MC for this year, Lindsay Longstreth

Emily Schuhmann

Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky: Emily Schuhmann’s been inspiring dancers to find their personal voice and connection with both partner and music. She loves a good mix of tunes tailored to the event and the dancers from Lindy to Balboa, Charleston, and maybe even a spice of trad-jazz or jug, focusing on music that is playful, spirited, intelligent, and conversational.  She’s been absolutely obsessed with vintage music, dance and fashion since the early 2000’s and brings that to her song selections. You’ll find her infectious smile and love of dance coming across on the floor and also adding a bounce to the music you’ll enjoy when she’s in the  DJ booth!

Celia Mooradian

When she isn’t repairing accordions and helping homeless ferrets, Celia “Feisty” Mooradian can be found spinning sweet jazz tunes in the DJ booth in Chicago and across the Midwest. Not only is she compassionate towards furry land otters and a master of jazz puns, she has immaculate taste in music that will keep you swinging out all night long.
**Fun Fact: The photo of Celia is from The Naptown Throwdown at SwingIN 2016!

Leah Dudak

Leah Dudak has been dancing for 7 years and started DJing at the University of Dayton about 5 years ago. Since then, she has DJed at Big Damn Blues Jam, Scramble Light Blues, MUDE swings, Hallowswing, ISLX, Timewarp Swing, and various cities throughout the Midwest. She loves mixing old, Chicago style blues with newer recordings she is always on the hunt for. Currently, you can find Leah dancing in the Chicago suburbs, working as a public librarian and going to see as much live music as she can.

James Benze

James Benze started DJing in Dayton, Ohio in 2011.  After having danced for a few years, he found inspiration at a talk at All Balboa Weekend to start playing the music he liked, and an addiction was born. Since then, he has DJ’ed at various local and regional events, including KissME, CBUS, CincyHop, and Rocktober.  James plays a mix of small- and big-band swing…why choose?  He is overjoyed with the chance to DJ for everyone at SwingIN!

Shelby Rowles

Five years ago a love affair was launched and never once has Shelby looked back. She was introduced to blues dancing at Ball State Swing Society and began DJing within 6 months. A lot has changed since then but the one thing that hasn’t is her drive to keep the floor packed and the party groovin’ on. Shelby’s sets are sure to highlight female musicians and include groovy rhythms, sultry melodies, and a whole lot of fun!

Late night Blues music is brought to you in part by Circle City Blues of Indianpolis, Indiana!