Lesson Tracks

SwingIN Lesson Tracks

SwingIN is proud to offer 5 Tracks for 2017.
Beginner to Master
Below are descriptions of the typical dancer for each track for estimating your placement.

Level 1

Never danced before? Not sure what a ‘swing out’ is? Perfect! This track is designed for those who have little to no experience in swing dancing. Our instructors are versed in taking brand new students and getting them on the ground running. …er, dancing, that is! No partner? No problem! Remember, swing dancing is a social dance. You’ll have plenty of people to dance with – both in class and in the evening dances.

Level 2

You’ve learned the basics, and you are comfortable with swing-outs. They might need a bit of ironing out – and that’s okay! You’re working on smoothing out transitions between your moves and adding more to your dance¬†repertoire. This track will help you round out the rough edges on your basics, and give you moves to add to your stack and work on in the future.

Level 3*

You’ve got a solid grasp of the basic Lindy Hop shapes and motions. Swing outs, Texas Tommy’s, Lindy Circles, Charleston, and Sugar Pushes are all things you can execute and switch between comfortably. You’re starting to get those variations down pat and adding a bit of flair that’s your own style. You’re moving out of 8-count patterns and on to more improvisation.
* This track will involve an audition at the event for placement.

Level 4*

You’ve likely been at this a while now. You’re honing your musicality and style, adding more advanced moves and transitions. You can dance at tempos high and low. You’re comfortable mixing and matching techniques from Charleston, Shag, or Balboa into your dances for variety – not because you want to show off, but because, gosh darn-it, the music told you to! You’ve traveled a lot, competed plenty, and feel comfortable breaking your dancing all the way down to build it back up.
* This track will involve an audition at the event for placement.
(Perfect for those who think it’s hard to hear a fat brass solo and not shimmy.)


SwingIN is proud to offer a Master’s Track for 2017. This track is designed for dancers who are recognized as being some of the best in their region. You typically find yourself teaching in your local scene, on the instructor list at regional events, behind a clipboard judging contests, and maybe competing at large scale events such as ILHC, Camp Hollywood, etc. Dance practice is a way of life for you. You are always tinkering with all sorts of things to level up your game and be ready for that next event, that next competition, or that next lesson you’re teaching.
* This track is designed to be a more intimate class setting. SwingIN will be extending invitations prior to the event. We’re not perfect though, and may have missed you, so if you feel you are right for this track and do not receive an invitation by August 1st, you may submit two audition videos of yourself to¬†. One video should be of you social dancing, and one should be of you and a partner doing an instructional recap. Masters classes will include critique and collaborative teaching.