College Scholarship Program

SwingIN 2017 Collegiate Scholarship Program


What is the Collegiate Scholarship Program?
SwingIN is giving 1 free pass to EVERY college scene that requests one for 2017. It is a FULL weekend pass, applicable to classes and dances. There is no limit to how many different college scenes may receive their 1 free pass, but each college scene will only receive 1.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
Please send all inquiries specifically relating to the SwingIN Collegiate Scholarship Program to: .

Why are you doing this?
SwingIN believes in fostering the next generation of swing dancers and supporting the many college scenes throughout the lindy hop community.

How do I get a free pass for my college scene?
An officer of the collegiate swing dance club must fill out a request using this form:

A reply approving the request or seeking more information will be given within a week. That officer will be SwingIN’s point of contact for the free pass, so it is up to the club officers to decide who gets the free pass in their swing dance scene.

Who can the officers give the 1 free pass to?
There are only two rules:
1. The recipient must be a member of that collegiate swing dance club.
2. The recipient must be a student (student ID may be required at check-in).
SwingIN recommends giving the pass to a newer member who may not have traveled before, but officers may also choose any one person meeting the above criteria.

Can scenes not affiliated with colleges/universities get a free pass?
While SwingIN recognizes that there are many great scenes who would use the scholarship to help grow the scene, we cannot afford to give free passes to every scene. At this time we particularly want to support college students who have strict budgetary constraints and may just be starting to explore the lindy hop scene.

What if the designated recipient already bought a pass?
SwingIN will issue a full refund.

What is the last date I can request my college scene’s free pass?
All requests must be received no later than 11:59PM on Monday, September 18th, 2017.